Low Carb Chocolate Pancake Tart

Low Carb Chocolate Pancake Tart

Low Carb Chocolate Pancake Tart

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You enjoy a good cake from time to time, but you’re on a ketogenic diet or you want to cut out the carbs? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with this easy to make and delicious Low Carb Chocolate Pancake Tart.

  • Preperation Time: 15-20 minutes
  • Cooking/Baking Time: 10 minutes
  • Ready in: 25-30 minutes

Recipe: Low Carb Chocolate Pancake Tart

Ingredients fort the base (4 pieces)

  • 4 eggs (200 grams)
  • 70 grams cottage cheese or fat-reduced quark / yoghurt
  • 50 grams Impact Whey Protein (“Vanilla”)
  • 20 grams cocoa (baking cocoa)
  • 10 grams butter (or coconut oil)
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • sweetner according to your liking
  • a little bit of water

Ingredients for the creme

  • 200 grams cottage cheese or fat-reduced quark / joghurt
  • FlavDrops with vanilla flavor
  • sweetner according to your liking
  • a little bit of water

Cooking Directions

  1. We will start with preparing the creme fort he chocolate pancake tart. First put all the ingredients for the creme in a bowl. Mix a little bit of water to it, but not too much. The crème should not get to thin. Too much water? No problem: Just add a little bit more cottage cheese or quark to make it thicker again.
  2. Lets get to the pancake bases. Crack the eggs and mix them together with the cottage cheese/quark, the Impact Whey Protein, the cocoa and a teaspoon with baking powder in a bowl. Add the butter or coconut oil afterwards and mix it well. (The batter shouldn’t be lumpy anymore).
  3. Take a pan and heat it up. Pour in the batter and cook it on medium heat. Take more batter, as the pancakes might turn out too thin if you take not enough. You should get out 4 pancakes at least. Put a lid on the pan, so that they get cooked evenly. The pancakes are ready when they start creating bubbles on the surface. (Caution: It is not advisedto flip the pancakes, because they’re quite fragile with this setup of ingredients. You can do it anyway on your own risk.)
  4. Once the pancake is ready, get it carefully out of the pan and onto a dish.
  5. Now you can start adding the crème on the top side of the first pancake, while you cook the next one.
  6. Put the second pancake on top of the first (the one with the crème) and repeat. You can add the remaining crème on the top of the last pancake. Add some cinnamon and cocoa in the end.
  7. Enjoy your Low Carb Pancake Tart!

Nutritional Value (per Pancake Tart)

  • – 839 kcal
  • – 101 g Protein
  • – 17 g Carbohydrate
  • – 41 g Fat

Notes & Recommendations

  • Tip 1: Add some low calorie, low fat and low carbohydrate syrup on, like the MySyrup from Myprotein (there are 5 different flavors ranging from Maple, to Chocolate, to Butterscotch, to Strawberry and Blueberry), om top of your Low Carb Chocolate Pancake Tart.

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