Book Recommendation: 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride

Book Recommendation: 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride

Book Recommendation: 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride

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By Damian Minichowski

Book Recommendation: 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride

What is 30 Days of Discipline about?

30 Days of Discipline” by Victor Pride is virtually a challenge to everyone, who is striving for success and all those who want to walk the path of winning – while also leaving the own comfort-zone, to become a renewed individual with more self-discipline, willpower and knowledge about oneself.

The set goal: Dropping (bad) habits and establishing new (more productive) ones, while also acquiring the mindset of a champion (or, as Vic would call it, an “ass kicker”). For this to accomplish you get a deadline of 30 days to master 12 constructive (somewhat challenging) rituals, which you should perform on a day to day basis to strengthen the alpha in you. It starts with trivial stuff, like carrying a notepad and a pen whereever you go, and it ends with uncomfortable comfort-zone killers, like cold showers, a demanding bodyweight routine (think squats, push-ups and sit-ups) and total abstinence from porn.

My Secret

This isn’t the first book written by Victor which I am going to review (Body of a Spartan will soon follow; EDIT: Here it is), but todays review remained quite long on my “to-do list” – and since I like to get shit done, we’ll speak a little bit about stuff like discipline and productivity.

I got asked several times by the Aesir Sports audience how I am able to manage to study, work part-time, write regular article for the website, work out, read several books simultaneously, tinker on some other side-projects (e.g. guest writing) – all of this while keeping the wheel spinning, without compromising my social relationships. “This guy is never sleeping,” “He is a machine, who got sent back in time to blog” or stuff like “he cloned himself,” are just some ironic and funny remarks I get to hear.

Well, to be totally honest – it scares me sometimes, too, when looking back at the past weeks and months (and all the stuff I did in this time). Although I have to admit that it is far from easy (and not even funny from time to time – like proofreading everything you write), I’d say that the work justifies the results.

However, it was a long and stony road, until I got to where I am, to train and discipline myself – just to get to this level of productivity. And the more time I spent with personal development (and learning about the laws of winning), the clearer it got to me, that total control of body and mind are key essentials for this path.

Peak Performance & Productivity: How to acquire it

There are a lot of people who despise weightlifters and athletes, because they value education higher than physical training. “Lifters aren’t smart,” or so the prejudice goes. I think that such views are quite ignorant and nothing could be farther from the truth. There is lots of research around that testifies that physical exercise works beneficial on the mind (e.g. through stimulation of BDNF, a neurothropic factor [1]) and one can ask why so many people assume that you can either be smart or strong (“Either-Or-Mentality”).

For me, its absolutely clear that both sides enhance and supplement each other.

The truth is, that the body and the mind are just two sides of the same medal and those who neglect one side (and focus their energy on the other), will inevitable limit their own potential.

  • The weak but educated person, who shuns physical training will sooner or later be blessed with a body which is fragile, vulnerable for disease and constantly aching (think back pain style). All his knowledge won’t help him to withstand the ravages of time and the older he gets, the more (bodily) problems will arise – taking a big chunk of life quality with them.
  • The strong but uneducated person, who usually tries to solve his or her problem with impetuous violence and brutality, will never understand how the world he or she lives in works. Instead of taking charge of the own destiny, he or she will remain a game ball to society. The problem of this person isn’t too much rest, but the exact opposite – it’s an overspending and wastefulness of vital energy reserves, because he or she lacks the cleverness to achieve a specific goal with as less effort as possible.

You see, the solution to this problem cannot be found on one side or the other. You need to take care of both aspects and more importantly, you need to train each one of them, so that they may goad each other to a totally different level (which wouldn’t be reachable instead).

So, before you can reach a state of peak performance (physically and mentally), you need to establish the right habits. And that is where most people fail. Just think about it: We all know that we should eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk food. We all know that we should move more and exercise. We all know that we should take a walk or ride the bike to work to cover short distances – we don’t run short on knowledge. We run short on discipline and willpower.

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” – Bruce Lee

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

Most of us have bad habits and thought patterns that we can’t get rid of it.

Our thoughts create our reality. And eventually our spiritual self will manifest itself in the real world. Just think about it: First came the idea, then the thoughts and finally the action, which transfers it into reality. We’re influencing our personal environment directly and you all know the old saying: What you sow is what you’ll reap. Bad habits and negative/destructive thoughts can be fought, if you substitute them with good habits and positive thinking patterns.

Here comes the kicker: We’re able to manipulate our body and our mind, so that positive effects from one sphere (e.g. the body) spill over into the other (e.g. the mind). Body and mind do not exist in perfect isolation from each other – there is a straight interdependency. No wonder, since both of them are sides on the same medal.

So, what do I mean by that? Its fairly easy and I hope you can follow my idea: Once you decide to take up a workout program, it might be quite difficult in the beginning to follow the program. Everything seems tough and you make slow progress – you’re lacking the routine. Hell, it could be that you lose your motivation a few days into the program, but if you power through just this one time, it will get easier. Day by day, week by week you’ll feel better and more energized until it will be really easy to get psyched up. (And some people claim, that it takes 20-30 days to establish a habit).

You know – resistance leads to grow and every challenge you take and master will make you more confident, stronger and bolder. Your workout regimen will liberate energy reserves you never knew existed and you’ll acquire a new mindset as well. I call it the “I-can“-Mentality. And since you started working out you’ll have a great interest in making this work to see results (and pay off), right?

So, now you start changing your eating habits slowly, to make a bigger impact. And the more you change and improve, the more fired up you get and the better you’ll look in the mirror. You still think that this won’t affect your mind? Then think again, chief. Physical exertion and healthy nutrition will help you to concentrate better and you’ll do your work more mindfully. Slowly, but steadily, your training and nutrition program (and your improved concentration) will spill over into other areas of your life – your career, your family life and even your acquaintances and friends will start notice. And before you start noticing, you’ve risen up to a total different league – the league of ass-kickers and big hitters.

Now, instead of just consuming, you’ll start producing – and of course, you’ll reap the rewards, as well.

Again, a positive mindset and view on the world will change the behaviour of all those people, you’ll meet in everyday life. Of course, you’ll start communicating with new persons, you’ll make friends, you’ll create relationships – and all of this will lead to new opportunities, which will inspire you. Finally, you’ll make friends with mind likes who chase the same goals as you (and all of them will be interested in peak performance, too). Now, that is where you’ll enter a loop of success where you’ll become unstoppable. Object in motion, stays in motion.

Now, let’s get back to me

I’ve done this 30 days challenge some months ago and although I have to confess that I already practiced some of those habits, Victor points out on his book.

If I had to highlight 3-4 key points, that have improved my life tremendously, it would be this ones, probably:

  • An intermittent fasting nutrition approach (Warrior Diet / Renegade Diet), where you don’t have to cook food in advance and carry a backpack whereever you go, always cooking, eating or washing the dishes. You would be surprised how much time can be saved without compromising (physical) results.
  • Cold showering will not only get you awake pretty fast after a good night’s sleep – it will also toughen you up and prepare you for total life domination.
  • High Frequency Training for awesome looks but also for more energy, endurance and a clear mind in everyday life.
  • A classic, the plain (but efficient) to-do list, which I usually prepare the day before and which includes at least 5 things I want to get done the next day.

You see – the magic behind great productivity and peak performance lies therein: Exercise body and mind across weeks, months and even years and establish the necessary (positive) habits. “30 Days of Discipline” might feel odd in the beginning but it makes no compromises – you, as a reader, are liable and you need to practices those 12 essential habits, that get explained in this short manifest. For this to accomplish, you get 30 days, just a month. It’s up to you to show that you’re dead serious about this.

Personally I think that these bespoken 12 habits will help the reader to improve performance and productivity – if you decide to take the short and dive into the 30 days of discipline. Of course, after these 30 days you’ll need to chase your goals and dreams further on your own. Maybe you’ll start looking for new challenges, maybe you’ll develop your own comfort-zone killers. And step by step, you’ll outgrow your former self – you will get a badass.

About the Author: Victor Pride

From the book:

“My name is Victor Pride. I live a Spartan lifestyle. I live cheap, I don’t buy unnecessary things and I don’t put myself into debt. I like things simple. I hate complication. There is no reason for complication or unnecessary clutter.

Steak and eggs is the bulk of my diet. Just like a lion eats the same food day in day out, so do I. I typically eat one or two meals per day. My training philosophy is simple: Lift some weights and eat some steaks.

I believe in good old fashion plain speaking. That means often my words are not politically correct. My goals is to get my readers as fired up as humanly possible…to get you as motivated and excited for life as humanely possible…to get you to quit living the life you currently lead and start living the life you always wanted to lead.

To become a killer…a wolf.”

Book Preview: 30 Days of Discipline

Review: 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride“30 Days of Discipline is the boot camp. Discipline is the required outcome. For 30 Days there  will be no excuses, no whining, no quitting, and no failing. We will set out to do something and we will do it no matter what.

30 Days of Discipline is not a “support” book. Support is for the weak that need it. 30 Days of Discipline is a strength book: Strength of character, strength of pride and strength of body. A proud man does not seek support – it is given to him. Everyone wants to follow and help a proud man. No one who completes 30 Days of Discipline will ever allow weakness to take over.

After 30 Days of Discipline you will have the Pride of a Lion.

30 Days of Discipline is how you master your mind. You master your mind and everything else follows. You eliminate the bad habits that lead to laziness, sloth and gluttony and you replace those habits that encourage success. Habit and routine are the most important part of accomplishing. Bad habits (the lazy ones) lead to a lazy, uneventful, unrewarding life.

Habit and routine are the cornerstones of success. No highly successful man got to the top by mere chance and haphazard, sporadic actions – only through steady habit and daily activities does one cultivate ultimate success of their goals. Forming a habit or routine is a matter of discipline. You’ve got to have discipline to turn a “want-to” into a daily habit. You’ve got to turn bad habits or no habits into good and productive habits. You have to become not just a new man, but also a BETTER MAN. The little habits make all the big difference.”

Table of Contents: 30 Days of Discipline

Introduction to 30 Days of Discipline

  • Habit #1: A Feast Fit for the Gods
  • Habit #2: Rise and Shine, the Clock is Ticking and the Day is Wasting
  • Habit #3: Comfortable? Not After This
  • Habit #4: Willy Wanker, Let Me Introduce You to Billy Badass
  • Habit #5: You Body is a Weapon
  • Habit #6: Dress to Impress, Dress for Success
  • Habit #7: Do What You Need To Do
  • Habit #8: Stand Tall and Proud like a Lion
  • Habit #9: No Excuses, No Explanations, No BS
  • Habit #10: Keep Those Ideas Written Down
  • Habit #11: Your Purpose Here
  • Habit #12: On the Seventh Day He Rested (But Not for too Long)



About the Author / Other Books


“30 Days of Discipline” will be a rewarding investment for all those out there, who want to escape their comfort-zone. Within a single month, you’ll not only learn about self-discipline – you’ll get to know your body and yourself. Some challenges are easy to get by while some may stretch your limit. But that is what this book is about after all.

This eBook is short and straight to the point. There is no beating around the bush, so that you can start your 30 days of discipline immediately. Granted, some challenges might not be to your liking but then again – this is a question of discipline and willpower. There is so much to learn, but you’ll have to ask yourself if you have the guts to do it.

If you aren’t satisfied with the book, you can get a refund (60 days money back guarantee) – so you’ve got nothing to lose, but a lot to gain. Choose wisely.

Buy “30 Days of Discipline” by Victor Pride ($9,99 / 9,02 €)

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About the Reviewer – Damian Minichowski

Damian “Furor Germanicus” Minichowski is the founder and mastermind behind the bodybuilding and nutrition online magazine Aesir Sports ( & Besides numerous authorships Damian is writing for several well known and respected weightlifting and fitness magazines. He authored more than 200 articles about bodybuilding, training, training philosophy, nutrition, health and supplementation already.

Damian worked as a long-term fitness coach in local gyms. Currently he is working as a consultant for a supplement manufacturer. His profession lies in evidenced-based article writing and revolves about one of his biggest passions in life – Physical fitness, nutrition, supplementation and health.

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[1] Servick, K. (2013): How Exercise Beefs Up the Brain. In: URL

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