8 Ways on How to Improve Your Mood

8 Ways on How to Improve Your Mood

8 Ways on How to Improve Your Mood

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By Will Dermietzel

In my darkest moments, during times when I feel exposed and weak, I let poisonous thoughts infiltrate my mind. I let myself believe that I am ugly and unimposing, weak and worthless…without character and without reason.

This is not me. This is my Bipolar Disorder – a chemical imbalance in my brain in which my serotonin can’t figure out what it is supposed to be doing. And so, when I am sober from this intoxicating mind set, I am able to see that these negative thoughts that I experience and believe with conviction are not real. This suffering is the result of an abnormal disorder. It is so hard to be able to find the distinction between what is “real” and what is not, but I am able to do it, if I try to utilize rational thought.

I have spoken openly on this subject in the past and I will continue to do so as I feel that there could be people out there that may relate to me. I have always said that most men are very attached to the idea of being male, and usually experience a lot of fear and insecurity around the idea of being a man – from an anthropological point of view this is simply nature manifested in the modern world.

Men have a level of insecurity and vulnerability that’s bigger that you think: With the primal urge to be alpha comes extreme heartbreak. The harder we fight, the harder we fall.

With that said, this is not targeted specifically at men, but to everybody and my message is this: If this is you, if you can relate, if you can understand depression and the weight that it carries then you must realize this: If I can do it, then so can you. If I can work around these problems whilst still creating success for myself then so can you. Why are you any different? I doubted myself just like you doubt yourself now and hopefully I have shown you that you can get out there and work towards achieving your dreams.

I have arrived at a point now where people message me or stop me in the street to congratulate and encourage me for what I do, the demon within me is quick to suggest that I have fluked all of this – that maybe every single person other than myself is deluded into thinking these nice things about me. Of course this is not true, my rational side fights hard and eventually the demon subsides, leaving me feeling overwhelmed, proud of myself and thankful to my supporters.

I will always remember where I am from, I will always remain humbled and I shall continuously stay grateful and grounded. It has been a hard road, I am not “cured” and I imagine I never will be, but I will continue walking this road that I am on, in the pursuit of bettering myself and achieving more and more whilst reaching out and helping others. With every article I write my aim is to use my experiences both in and out of the gym to help others to better themselves.

Our attitudes will dictate how challenges play out. Only YOU can decide if you’ll allow problems to consume you or motivate you to change your plan of action. It takes a lot strength to face challenges head on and turn them into positive experiences.

I like to think that there are several great ways you can start working towards a better you, I will undoubtedly discuss the many ways that you can do this physically in the gym, but I will begin with looking at ways to improve your mood.

8 Ways on How to Improve Your Mood

Find Inner Strength

Look inside you, to discover your inner strength. Celebrate your accomplishments and be proud of them. (Source: Flickr / L.C. Nottaasen ; CC Licence)

1. Finding Inner Strength

To truly discover your inner strength, you must first come to terms with who you are and try to remember to value your own unique contributions to this world. Take note of your success, regardless of how small you think they are. Realising that you’ve made a positive impact on the people around you will help to reassure your self-worth and build your self-confidence.

2. Learn from Past Mistakes

Guilt and regret are two of the biggest obstacles that you may face along your path to self-acceptance. So Instead of feeling negative about past mistakes, attempt to identify what you have learned. If you can reflect on these lessons, you will see how they have subsequently improved your life for the better.

3. Make Good Friends

Make some good friends

Friends and family – nothing is more important for human us. We’re social beings after all.(Source: Flickr / Rainier Martin Ampongan ; CC Licence)

It is important that you recognize that you are valuable and deserve to be treated as such. When you are dealing with other people, do not accept half arsed friends and instead focus your time and energy on those who are willing to give as much as they receive from you. Try to stay away from people who are constantly negative, selfish and arrogant. Spend time enjoying the company of people who are loving, supportive and kind.

4. Gain Confidence

Whilst it is very difficult it is very important to improve your self-esteem. Start by focusing on your successes as proof of what you are able to accomplish, make an effort to try out new things and most importantly, remember that nobody is perfect as “perfection” Is subjective.

5. Volunteer

It’s easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives and focus on the negatives. But you can learn to appreciate what you have by helping those who have less. Spend a few hours at a homeless center or animal shelter once a month. I sometimes volunteer at a local animal rescue shelter and it is such a rewarding experience. Not only will you have a positive impact on other people, but it will allow you to clearly see just how lucky you are.

We can all benefit from some clarity now and then.

6. Find Somebody to Talk To

We all need someone who we can go to with our problems. It might be your partner, your mum or best friend who is best at offering a fresh perspective. In my case it has always been my girlfriend that is always there to help break the depression/insecurity cycle. No one should have to struggle on their own.

7. Focus on Long-Term Goals

Focus on Long Term Goals

Look for and focus on long-term goals. For us, it is weightlifting and bodybuilding. Working out your body is a perfect way to get to know yourself better and see what you’re capable of. (Source: Pixabay.com / MrTommy ; CC Licence)

It’s easy to feel beaten if you’re stuck in a dead-end job. Temporary setbacks have a way of becoming consuming. Instead of letting negativity get to you, try to make yourself look at what you want to come next and plan towards making it happen.

8. Don’t Compare Yourself to Those You See on Social Media

It’s easy to look at what others are doing and feel inadequate because you’re not at the same stage in life. Just because you don’t have your dream yet, it doesn’t mean you won’t get there. And remember, just as you only share your success stories on social media, so does everybody else. We all have our struggles.

Final Words

So there you have it, some obvious but often forgotten tips on how to improve your mood. Speaking from experience, I know that it is easy to get wrapped up into self-doubt, especially if you are prone to such mental afflictions like I am but it is still possible to live strong and achieve goals. Hopefully I have proven that.

I get compliments off people saying how good I look all the time, but whilst I am beyond grateful of these kind words It can sometimes be difficult to see yourself in the same way. One of the problems with bodybuilding is that it perpetuates the illusion of perfection. But nobody is perfect, not me, not anybody. Everybody has flaws and weaknesses, some physical and some mental. This is normal.

Quote: Get a grip and get it done.It is quite difficult for any man to openly admit any form of insecurity, in modern society it is seemingly unacceptable for a man to even cry unless an absolute worst case scenario has descended upon him. To be a man, albeit a large and muscular mountain of a man in a world so adamantly obsessed with male stoicism and yet still suffer with his demons is a very difficult thing indeed. When you are confronted with an image of strength it is often easy to forget that all humans experience the same emotions. Having high levels of testosterone, a Y chromosome and male genitalia doesn’t automatically exclude you from feeling insecure, anxious and depressed.

All I know is this: I wouldn’t be the man I am today If it wasn’t for these early characteristics, the insecurity led onto an ambitious path and I continue to walk it today. As a boy I pressed my face up against the window and looked longingly at what I thought was only a pipe dream until eventually I opened the door and stepped inside. I hope that people will be able to relate to my stories and experiences so that they too can feel more comfortable in speaking about their mental health, especially men.

I am a bodybuilder, my lifestyle revolves around my body. Everyone talks about their body, we shave it, we tattoo it, we train it, we buy clothes for it however when it comes to the well being of our minds we tend to be a little more reserved. Your mind is important, listen to it and talk to others about what goes on inside it.  Good luck.

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Picture sources: Pixabay.com / byxst ; CC Licence

About the Author – Will Dermietzel

Will DermietzelWill Dermietzel is a competitive bodybuilder from Worcestershire in the UK. He began lifting weights at a very early age as a method of strengthening his body for a variety of martial arts- a skill that he would later use regularly whilst working as a nightclub doorman.

Will also has bipolar disorder and subsequently has had to undertake a difficult journey at times but this is a fact that Will believes has strengthened the pride he has for his achievements.

He states that bodybuilding in it’s purest form is about self expression, he sees it very much like an artform and praises the classic statuesque physiques of years gone by for this reason. Seeing the human body as a canvas he also loves tattoo/alternative culture and regualry enjoys creating his own artwork in his spare time.

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