Mediterranean High Protein Bread

Mediterranean High Protein Bread

Mediterranean High Protein Bread

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Today we’re gonna make a high protein low carb bread in Mediterranean style, so get your loaf tin! This delicious bread counts 4 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams (2 slices) and it’s ideal to create your own sandwiches without having to watch the carb content.

  • Preparation Time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking/Baking Time: 60 minutes
  • Ready in: 70 minutes

Recipe: Mediterranean High Protein Bread  

Ingredients (1 loaf)

  • 3 eggsRecipe: Mediterranean High Protein Bread
  • 210 grams quark or low fat cottage cheese / greek yoghurt
  • 30 grams almonds flour (milled almonds)
  • 70 grams flaxseed
  • 10 grams wheat bran
  • 30 grams protein bread mix
  • 1 Tsp baking soda
  • 1 Tsp salt
  • 50 grams tomatoes, dried
  • 40 grams olives, without stones
  • fresh or dried herbs (Thyme, Basil, Oregano)

Cooking Directions

  1. Start with chopping the tomatoes, olives and herbs into small pieces.
  2. Mix all ingredients in a big bowl with your hand mixer (or food processor).
  3. Pour the batter into a loaf tin (don’t forget to grease it or put some baking paper into it).
  4. Bake the bread for 60 minutes at 150 °C (302 °F)
  5. Let the bread cool down, before you cut it into slices.

Nutritional Value

Per 100 grams

  • 245 kcal
  • 16,7 grams Protein
  • 4 grams Carbohydrate
  • 14,8 grams Fat

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