The Value of Time, Self-Belief and Perseverance

The Value of Time, Self-Belief and Perseverance

The Value of Time, Self-Belief and Perseverance

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By Will Dermietzel

The Value of Time, Self-Belief and Perseverance

The Value of Time

(Source: Flickr / Dimitirs Kalogeropoylos ; CC Licence)

Great achievements take time, but never forget: Time is a limited resource and it cannot be replenished. Use YOUR time wise and well. (Source: Flickr / Dimitirs Kalogeropoylos ; CC Licence)

I cannot stress enough just how valuable your time on this earth is. We’re all living amongst it, don’t waste it.– it’s the only resource you can use but never replace. When you give up on something you are undervaluing your time and the very thing you have invested in.

My advice is this: Instead of wasting your time, take a moment to reflect and really evaluate what’s going on in your life that’s making you give up on something. There may be times in your life when feel as though you must abandon a project, but this doesn’t mean that you should.

If you feel as though you are losing a battle, try to focus on how the lessons you have learned throughout your life can affect the war. Whatever it is you decide, don’t waste time and don’t give up.

If you believe that you’re going to achieve success without experiencing any failure, I can assure you that you’re wrong. Remember, every winner loses, but not every loser wins. It’s necessary to fail because it teaches you valuable lessons – such as you don’t always get what you want. Being right doesn’t mean you’ll win. Heart is more important than anything… and never take anything for granted.

Instead of seeing failure as a bad thing, look at it as a chance to reset and start again. The delays are frustrating, and there may be a lot of obstacles in the way. It may feel like the end but it’s never over as long as you’re still alive.

22-walk-through-the-mudIf you want to give up then do it – I can’t stop you. If you want to successful and turn your dreams into a reality, it’s going to require perseverance. You will walk through both Heaven and Hell to get there. There will be pain and there will be a lot if instances, where you feel like quitting is the only option left: Keep pushing and never give up.

It is pretty easy to strive towards the attainment of our goals when the oceans are calm and nothing seems to be standing in our way, but if we are not emotionally prepared for when things begin to stir the waters and rock your boat from side to side. We begin to panic and subsequently struggle to deal with the situation. We see these problems as being larger than they really are and that we feel are way above our capabilities to fix.

These situations may well result in causing a feeling of defeat and heartache. We might end up quitting and pushing away our dreams as a result, all because our resolve wasn’t as strong as it could be and was unable to handle the burdens that we associate with life’s journey.

Believe in yourself

Probably the hardest obstacles that we will face comes from within ourselves. These obstacles are extremely difficult to challenge because quite often we are unaware of their presence to begin with.

Dig deep and believe in yourself, with lack of self-belief comes very little hope of achieving things in your life. The moment that an obstacle emerges your lack of self-belief will attempt to manifest itself in several ways.

Initially it will create an intrinsic belief that you are not worthy enough to have what you want.
Secondly, your weak sense of self-belief that results from not having any confidence in your abilities, will stop you from getting through the hard times and onto your path to happiness. You will lack the power to push on when things get tough and unfamiliar.

Banish your fears

(Source: / D Sharon Pruitt ; CC Licence)

Everybody experiences fear – it’s an all too common emotion felt by human beings. But don’t let fear dicate your actions! (Source: / D Sharon Pruitt ; CC Licence)

Emotions such as worry, anxiety, guilt and doubt will all form together to create a potent cocktail of self-sabotage that will prod you into a state of self-pity that will prevent you from having the things you desire.

Over time, these emotions manifest into fears that dictate our actions. These same fears will steal you of your happiness and stop you from having the courage to push down the obstacles that stand in your way.

Don’t Rush

In some cases we can negatively affect ourselves and create greater obstacles – simply by rushing our decisions. We rush these things because of external pressures and circumstances and the consequences can cost more than not making the decision in the beginning.

Don’t make the wrong choices

When we do make the wrong decisions, it’s usually because of a lack of experience or resources. If we take time to be careful with our choices then we can arrive at conclusions that will positively affect our ability to move forward in the right direction.

A lack of judgement can lead to unnecessary obstacles that could’ve been avoided with a different perspective and approach.

Time and time again

(Source: Fred Stockdale)

Forget about instant gratification and learn patiences – for all good things in life require some amount of time, before you can enjoy them. (Source: Fred Stockdale)

I began this article with the topic of time and so I shall end with it. Today in modern society we obsess over the idea of instant gratification. We want everything as fast as possible, but the best things in life come with time.

So before you decide that bailing is the best option, consider that you may need some more time before things begin to make sense. It doesn’t hurt to have a little patience.

Sometimes, in order to achieve a goal, you may need to rely on other people. If you are struggling with an abundance of obstacles, then it could mean you don’t have a strong support in place, that will help you to move forward in an efficient way. Take some time to build up a strong pillar of support by zoning in on those that will compliment your strengths and support you in your moments of weakness.

Final thought

As a final thought, I will leave you with a famous quote by Thomas Edison:

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

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Picture sources: Fred Stockdale

About the Author – Will Dermietzel

Will DermietzelWill Dermietzel is a competitive bodybuilder from Worcestershire in the UK. He began lifting weights at a very early age as a method of strengthening his body for a variety of martial arts- a skill that he would later use regularly whilst working as a nightclub doorman.

Will also has bipolar disorder and subsequently has had to undertake a difficult journey at times but this is a fact that Will believes has strengthened the pride he has for his achievements.

He states that bodybuilding in it’s purest form is about self expression, he sees it very much like an artform and praises the classic statuesque physiques of years gone by for this reason. Seeing the human body as a canvas he also loves tattoo/alternative culture and regualry enjoys creating his own artwork in his spare time.

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