Achieving Physical Goals: Why Consistency & Regularity Pays Off

Achieving Physical Goals: Why Consistency & Regularity Pays Off

Achieving Physical Goals: Why Consistency & Regularity Pays Off

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By Will Dermietzel

In order for us to get what we want, we need to be patient and persistent in our efforts to obtain it. These good things don’t come easily and that includes the muscle that you so desperately seek.

When people become interested in building muscle they tend to jump right into it – I know, I did. The problem is that people usually go at it hard for a few weeks and then end up quitting. With apparently nothing to show for all their hard work, they ask themselves “why?” Because after all, they have applied themselves to the gym lifestyle and trained as hard as they can. Or at least they think they have.

You can’t rush results. Weight training will provide an effective means of developing your physique, but you must do so intelligently.

Achieving Physical Goals: Why Consistency & Regularity Pays Off

(Source: / Mcability ; CC Licence)

What separates an average athlete from a champion? Most certainly regularity and intensity. (Source: / Mcability ; CC Licence)

One thing that I have always noticed is that very few people actually continue with their efforts in the long run. People can’t seem to accept that they need to apply themselves methodically over a long period of time, instead they want muscle and they want it NOW.

Whenever you see somebody with a good physique you are seeing the product of consistency. Yes, it’s impressive – but remember that they didn’t get that way by only training for a few weeks. There is only so much time you can spend in the gym training without weakening your results. You are not going to fastrack your progress by forcing yourself to train for hours at a time. Overtraining will not adjust your genetic potential.

Both, Olympia standard athletes and regular gym goers, can get all the training they need in just a one hour gym session – the only difference that separates the two is INTENSITY and REGULARITY.

Those really are the only two secrets towards success. Accumulatively over weeks, months and years, the bodybuilder will keep on training. Those that frantically over train for just a few weeks and quit, will end up back where they started. The person that begins squatting with 60kg will, if they added only 1kg a week, be squatting with a 60% increase in weight in only 6 months.

During this time you may feel as though you haven’t really improved much, but a 60% increase shows significant progress. Regardless of your initial weight, improvements like that can belong to you if you train patiently.

Let’s consider this: Two indiviuals, one goal but different outcomes

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When it comes down to build an astonishing physique you can bet that a long-term approach pays off. This is a process that cannot be rushed. (Source: / Al dayan ; CC Licence)

A young guy that’s desperate for gains, forces himself to lift a very heavy start up weight (we will call him Mr.A.). Mr.A. wants muscle now and by the second week he has added even more weight – and lots of it. He is in the rack, squatting big weights and he sees a second man beside him squatting far less (we will call him Mr.B.). The fourth week arrives and Mr.B. is still squatting a similar weight with only a marginal increase. His energy is sky rocketing, he feels like a new man and he looks forward to every workout. He feels fantastic and feels positive about his future potential.

Mr.A. on the other hand is struggling. He is attempting to lift, but it’s all too much. His muscle haven’t developed in conjunction with the massive demands he has put them through. He has grown to hate training and he can’t continue with his workouts.

By the time week five comes around, Mr.B. is training hard. He feels great and his physique is improving constantly due to incremental gains in strength and muscle. Mr.A. has quit.

My point is that it’s important that you understand your body. Create a sensible schedule that will allow you to unveil your potential over time, because if you train correctly with basic yet intense workouts, you will achieve superlative development. The aim of your workouts should be development rather than depletion.

Be patient, add weight in small amounts only when your body has developed the strength and condition to reap the benefits. Aim to put a little bit more on the bar over a long period of time and I guarantee you will see progress.

As you advance through your regime you may end up opting for longer sessions in the gym, but for now at least, anything over an hour will mean you are doing more than your body is really able to tolerate.

A hugely important factor in the longevity of your training is good form. Always strive for perfect form when exercising. Cheating during your lifts will inflate your ego, but not your muscle. If you find yourself cheating, then this usually means that the weight is too heavy for you. Using heavier weights doesn’t mean that the muscle is contracting any harder. All that cheating does, is invite other muscles to join in so that you can bear the heavy load – and that is not the proper way to effectively train a muscle.

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Will you prevail or will you perish? (Source: / teamsmashgame ; CC Licence)

Cheating on your lifts can also be pretty dangerous. If you begin straying away from strict form, you open yourself up for potential injury. Injuries, even the minor ones, can cause you to miss workouts and you aren’t going to build much muscle sitting on your sofa.

Final Words

It’s always important to lift a proportionately heavy weight for your body; but my message is to only do so within the confines of good form and with a good understanding of your physique. Don’t be insecure in the gym. Try not to focus on the weight that the guy next to you is lifting – he’s not you and you’re not him either, so don’t start cheating in order to lift more weight.

It’s true that there may be some people, that will progress faster than you. Some will grow a lot in just a few months whilst you may be at it for years in order to make the same progress. This is down to genetics and to put it bluntly – there isn’t anything you can do about that.

It happens to all of us – even competitive bodybuilders like myself, but I will always be in the gym tomorrow no matter what. You can only work with what you have, so just do that.

A good rule of thumb is to remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare: If you keep going, work hard and never quit, then you WILL get there.

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About the Author – Will Dermietzel

Will DermietzelWill Dermietzel is a competitive bodybuilder from Worcestershire in the UK. He began lifting weights at a very early age as a method of strengthening his body for a variety of martial arts- a skill that he would later use regularly whilst working as a nightclub doorman.

Will also has bipolar disorder and subsequently has had to undertake a difficult journey at times but this is a fact that Will believes has strengthened the pride he has for his achievements.

He states that bodybuilding in it’s purest form is about self expression, he sees it very much like an artform and praises the classic statuesque physiques of years gone by for this reason. Seeing the human body as a canvas he also loves tattoo/alternative culture and regualry enjoys creating his own artwork in his spare time.

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