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Stir-Fried Post-Workout Meal

Stir-Fried Post-Workout Meal (0)

Today’s recipe is a little bit more exotic than usual: We will make a tasty and filling post-workout meal, that is rich in complex carbohydrates, protein and a little bit

Low Carb Bounty Balls

Low Carb Bounty Balls (0)

Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t like the tasty flavour of bounty chocolate bars? Delicious coconut meets soft chocolate – mhh. Shit, now’re getting hungry! But don’t worry. Today we will

Low Carb Chocolate Spread

Low Carb Chocolate Spread (0)

This delicious low carb chocolate spread is not only suitable for sandwiches, but also a great addition for fresh fruits or pancakes. It’s low in sugar (or sugar-free) and really

Coconut Spelt Balls

Coconut Spelt Balls (0)

These Coconut Spelt Balls are an all natural high-calorie snack. You can enjoy them pre-workout snack

Quark Whey Waffles

Quark Whey Waffles (0)

You like waffles? We do, too. But, of course, they have to have a high protein

Mediterranean High Protein Bread

Mediterranean High Protein Bread (0)

Today we’re gonna make a high protein low carb bread in Mediterranean style, so get your

Cookie Dough Meal

Cookie Dough Meal (0)

Think back: Do you remember snacking on your mom’s sweet cookie dough, while she was baking?

Sweet Pumpkin with Chopped Walnuts

Sweet Pumpkin with Chopped Walnuts (0)

Pumpkins are not only tasty – you can create a lot of super delicious meals and

Italian Spelt with Fried Chicken Breast

Italian Spelt with Fried Chicken Breast (0)

Spelt is a really delicious and healthy alternative to common pasta. Its rich in fiber and