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Everybody know this situation: You’re running low on your supplement supply and plan on stocking up, but which deal to choose? Now, you can either try your luck on Google and search through outdated codes and vouchers or you navigate to a reliable source, which compiles the latest offerings, voucher codes and deal for easy digestion on one single page.

Well, guess what: This Myprotein Deals section is all about saving you valueable time and money. On this page you not only get a quick overview on whats currently on sale at, but you also get daily updates on discount and voucher codes – it is definetly worth to bookmark this page, if you’re an eager Myprotein buyer.


Myprotein Overview – Terms & Conditions

Payment Methods

Myprotein accepts the following payment methods:

  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • One4All

Delivery Time


United Kingdom (UK)

2-3 working days delivery

  • Orders under 14,01 € (£10) = 4,19 € (2.99 £)
  • Orders between 14,01-70,04 € (£10-50) = 2,79 € (1.99 £)
  • Orders over 70,05 € (£50) = FREE

Next Working Day Delivery

  • Standard Next Day & Saturday Delivery (Yodel) = 5,53 € (£3.95)
  • Premium Next Day Delivery (DPD) = 6,94 €(£4.95)
  • Next Day Delivery (Yodel) = Free When You Spend Over 140,01 € (£100)
  • Sunday Delivery (DPD) = 6,94 € (£4.95)

America (US & Canada)

  • Tracked Delivery throughout the US = 5,35 € ($5.95)
  • Tracked Delivery to Canada = 35,01 € ($24.99)
  • International Delivery Options = from 8,99 € ($9.99 ; Check international shipping options)
  • Free Tracked Delivery to US = 71,98 € ($80)
  • Free Tracked Delivery to Canada = 224,94 € ($250)


Attention: There is a slight possibilty that you MAY encounter an outdated voucher code, since Myprotein doesn’t state expiration dates for every code. However, we’re doing our best to ensure validity and frequent updates, to add new codes and eliminate old ones. If you happen to stumble upon such outdates codes, feel free to drop a mail and to inform us, so that we can ensure that all codes are in place.

Myprotein @ /

For all of you who prefer to order their supplements via Amazon, there is some good news around: You buy several Myprotein products (such as Impact Whey Protein, Maltodextrin, Omega 3 Fischoil and many more) on Amazon. Just make sure to follow this link (.com) respectively this one ( to check all available products.

Myprotein Deals & Vouchers – With Daily Updates

Attention: Get a FREE Sample with every order over 80 € (57,1 GBP) – no code needed.

 Deals of the Day (Best of the Best)


New “fresh” products: UK inhabitants – Buy meats @

Deal of the Week: 25 % OFF Protein Smoothies


Flavor of the Month: 25 % Natural & Stevia flavors

New products in

8 Meal Holdall with containers & ice packs


Protein Granola from Myprotein

Protein Granola from Myprotein – Get it NOW.

Aesir Sports Exclusive Action

Currently, there is no Aesir Sports exculsive deal running.

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