Write For Us!

Write For Us!

Aesir Sports is a steadily growing platform about weightlifting, physical fitness, healthy nutrition and long-term health. We’re trying to establish a resourceful site full of reliable and helpful information for dedicated athletes and health-conscious people. (Read our mission statement here)

Of course, we want to provide our readers a continuous flow of new articles and interesting content – therefore we’re looking for new authors and sportsmen, who are excited about helping others to reach their goals, giving practical advice and cover a broad range of fitness related topics.

Is That You?

  • You’re enjoying helping other reach their goals and you gladly share your wealth of knowledge with those who are interested to hear you out?tumblr_mn3q3te7mn1r37ck1o2_400
  • You’re curious and open-minded. You like to keep yourself up to date and you’re constantly trying to expand your horizon and gain new knowledge?
  • You’re not only good at writing, but you’re also able to juggle with words and you care about proper grammar?
  • You want to make an impact in the fitness and health scene. You want to teach about new concepts and you want to explain complex issues as easy and understandable as possible?
  • You’re not a bro and you’re not afraid to back up your claims with valid scientific references.
  • Optional: You have a scientific background, you’re a personal trainer, practicing doctor or you have some other kind of professional training or you’re a post-graduate (in sports, human biology, molecular biology or physiology).

…if some of these things apply to you, you’re welcome to become a part of our ambitious team (either as a guest or regular author).

Article Guidelines

  • You can choose the topic of your article freely and you should be interested in researching it
  • The text ought to have a minimum of 1.000 words and a maximum length of 2.000 words. (Exceptions are made for guides and “blockbuster” articles, which can exceed the usual length)
  • Your article ought to have a main heading and several sub-headings.
  • Your article should be either a .doc, .docx or .odt file (no .pdfs!)
  • Font: Arrial Narrow
  • Format: Justification, headings in bold & font size 18; sub-headings in bold & font size 15; continuous text in font size 12
  • References & sources
    • Claims and scientific facts should be underscored with a references by the end of the sentence (“Blab la [1]”)
    • A list of used references should be provided at the end of the article (see already released article)
    • References should have a continuous numbering
      • [1] Authors names (Year): Title. In: Journal?. URL: Full URL address.
      • [2] Authors names (Year): Title. In: Journal?. URL: Full URL address.
    • A short author’s profile about yourself (3-5 sentences – Who are you?)
    • Payment: Upon consultation (and via PayPal)

How to Apply

  1. Write the article according to the article guidelines.
  2. Fill in the form & upload your article.
  3. Hit submit & wait for feedback.

Once you’ve submitted your article we will get back to you as fast as possible with some article feedback and more information regarding authorship.

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